Don’t miss your chance for this New class at #Brightonbeadsandmore On April 9,23,30 , fantastic chance to learn how to carve wax and cast a sterling silver ring of your design. Instructor —-Stephen Kolokithas Intro to the Lost Wax Casting Process. This bronze-age process is still how most jewelry is created. Today you have things to help the process such as 3D printing/CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing). But many jewelers still master the art of carving a 3D prototype from blocks of wax. Lost Wax Casting Process: This process starts with building a 3D prototype out of wax. The wax then is put through a process called investing where you build a plaster mould around the wax or found object. You then burnout the wax using a kiln that reaches temperatures around 1250 degrees F, hence the name lost wax process. Then cast the molten metal into the hole where the plasterfunneled into the negative cast(where the wax was). From here you will have a piece ready for the rest of the metal finishing techniques to a beautiful wearable piece of jewelry or small-scale sculpture. For this beginner class we will be focusing on the following sessions: Session 1: Introduction to the lost wax casting process: how it is used how it is used today. Tools used, What advantages you have using it vs. other methods. Carve your first few styles of rings. This will be the basic designs such as standard wedding band, walked through various stages of carving (in the week between sessions you will have the time to practice the methods you learn from the previous sessions) Session... read more

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