Meet the instructors of Brighton Beads and More. Learn about their specialties, history, love for their craft and view a sample of their work. For more of our instructors work, please visit our gallery page to see more of their work along with works from students and more.

Nancy Garber Instructor at Brighton Beads & More

Nancy Garber

Silversmith, Glass Fusing, Lampwork, Kiln Carving, Wire Wrapping, Galaxy Techniques, Butterfly, Kumihimo, Viking Knit, Metal Clay, PMC, Enamel, Painting, Soldering, Argentium Sterling Silver, Knitting, Water Color, Oil Painting and more.

Nancy is an eclectic artist and teacher  […]

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Paul Garber Instructor at Brighton Beads & More

Paul Garber

Metal, Lampwork Glass, Fused Glass, Argentium Sterling Silver, Metal Clay, PMC, Soldering, Silversmith, Enamel, Kiln Carving, Galaxy Weaving Techniques, Basic Beading, Viking Knit, and Kumihimo.

Paul has been involved in silversmithing, glass and crafts for over 20 years  […]

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Rita Cohen Instructor at Brighton Beads & More

Rita Cohen


Rita has been knitting and crocheting since she was 5 years old. In the 50 years of being a practicing hairdresser she  […]

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Amy Butelia Instructor at Brighton Beads & More

Amy Butala

Seed Bead Projects

Amy Butala has been a life long crafter and hasn’t found a craft yet that she hasn’t enjoyed. She began her jewelry making odyssey  […]

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Barb Shanahan Instructor at Brighton Beads & More

Barbara Shanahan

Resin, Knitting

Barb came into making jewelry years ago and has always enjoyed collecting vintage jewelry and re purposing it before  […]

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Instructor at Brighton Beads & More


Bead and Jewelry Designer

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Danielle Garber Instructor at Brighton Beads & More

Danielle Garber

Basic Beading

On my birthday, November 15th in 2001 Brighton Beads and More opened for business. I have a  […]

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Loren Instructor at Brighton Beads & More

Loren Roosien

Basic Beading

I have always enjoyed history, arts and crafts and have been making jewelry since I was three. When I  […]

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Melissa rian Instructor at Brighton Beads & More

Melissa Rian

Contributing Artist Designer

Melissa comes to us with a wide and varied background, having a BFA in Fibers and Printmaking. She has worked  […]

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Angel Instructor at Brighton Beads & More

Angel Harrington

Basic Beading, Design

Ever since I stuck my doll’s ear with a straight pin and a bead on it the dye was cast. I’ve been designing  […]

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Ardetta Instructor at Brighton Beads & More

Ardetta Bronson

Metal, Chainmaile, Pearl Knotting, Seed Bead

Ardetta used to start a new hobby every couple of years. “They seemed to last a whild and then I would put them aside to go back later. I still have  […]

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