Extra Services

Buying of Gold and Silver

We will buy gold and silver for cash. This is based on the daily price, melt down price and weight of the jewelry. 18k gold has about 75% gold in the jewelry, 14k about 57%, and 10k about 42%. Sometimes the jewelry has appropriate markings and other times it needs to be tested, which we do on the spot. Silver coins have a set silver value if they are prior to 1964.

We are registered with the Brighton Police Department. By law, we are required to obtain identification information from the customer including drivers license and/or fingerprint.

Kiln Time

We offer kiln time to students who do not have their own kiln to finish their projects . We have 5 kilns of various sizes for rent. Our smallest kiln measures 9×9 inches and the largest kiln we have to offer is an oval standup. For the best results, please be very clear with your expectations, so we can fire the kiln correctly for your project.

Lampwork bead makers can batch all the beads they made that will fit on a 9×9 inch shelf. Beads can be stacked on top of each other without worry because the kiln is only raised to an annealing temperature and they will not stick to each other. It’s a good practice to anneal Lampwork beads because if you don’t, they will eventually crack. Brighton Beads & More anneals moretti or effetre glass, but cannot mix other coe glass during the same firing. The cost is $25 per firing.

Our 11×11 inch kiln is frequently use for fused glass pieces. It can fit two shelves and sometimes a partial shelf at the same time. Usually, we fire coe 90 glass but we are also able to fire other types of glass. We use various temperatures and time intervals depending on the desired results. Our success rate is very high and it is rare that pieces have to be re-fired or reconstructed. Brighton Beads & More requires all the glass have the same coe ie 90 or the glass piece will often crack. The cost is $25 per firing.

Kiln time can also be rented for slumping glass into molds. You may bring your own or feel free to use some of our molds. All molds must have kiln release on them so the glass will not stick to the mold. The renter of the kiln is also responsible to place shelf release on the molds if it is needed. The firing process is done in stages and can require up to 8 hours to cool. We use our large kiln for slumping glass and the cost is $125 per firing.

Other firings can be arranged by request.

Please note: We are unable to store pieces for prolonged periods of time, so all fired pieces must be picked up within one week. Special arrangements can be made ahead of time by contacting us. We will need to know the type of glass prior to firing.

Private Parties, Private Lessons, Jewelry Design & More

Thinking of doing something different? We offer and host many different types of group parties. From birthday parties, girl scout events, family & office get-togethers to bachelorette parties, we’ve done them all. With a variable number of classes from simple jewelry, fused glass, painting on glass, to various bracelets and more, you get to choose from many possibilities. Evening parties are usually held from 6:15 – 8pm and we try to have all projects completed in that time.

All group parties require a $40.00 deposit. The deposit will be applied toward the student fee at the time of the party/event. Brighton Beads and More offers group rates for as low as $15 per student (including supplies) while other classes have a separate supply fee. Participant fees and subject of the projects can be decided ahead of time. We do not supply food and beverages, however, the customer may bring their own such as cake, wine, party trays, etc. Customers will be responsible for cleanup of any food.

For a small additional fee, we will come to your location – contact us to make arrangements.

We also offer private lessons for the ultimate learning experience. A one on one session allows a teacher to work at the best pace for the student and focus all their energy and attention to that student as well.

Another service offered is jewelry design, where we work directly with a customer to develop a beautiful piece of jewelry. The cost for this service is $20 per half hour. Call or contact us to schedule an appointment time in advance (required).

Customers are welcomed to work on projects in our store. We’ve got the space and supplies (including jewelry boards and tools), not to mention we like the company! This is especially helpful for the out of town person who wants to put together their new found treasure. This service is for the person who can work independently, and as always we will be there if any questions arise.

Jewelry Repair and Watch Battery Replacement

We repair many types of jewelry in our shop. Services include restringing, replacement of clasps and findings, simple soldering and more. Depending on the circumstances, we sometimes can repair your jewelry on the spot for the customer. Typically, repairs will be ready in 1-2 weeks if not sooner. You will be notified by phone when the repair has been completed, but feel free at any time to check up on the status of your repair.

We also carry and replace watch batteries for many brands.

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